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Ezra 7:10

The Lord is a hiding place, He shall preserve you from trouble.

You shall be surrounded with songs of deliverance. 
Psalm 32:7 

Saul to play his instrument to rid the King of oppressive spirits that taunted him day and night. The Bible says, that King Saul would become refreshed and well.  (1 Samuel 16:23)

Until survivors of domestic violence are able to reach down into their Soul to find help and healing, the discord and disharmony of their nightmare will continue. Ezra Ministries, Inc. a non-profit organization and christian ministry believes in ministering the Word to the whole person, Spirit, Soul and Body to heal the brokenhearted and  proclaim liberty to those who are held captive in abusive relationships. Our award winning "Inner Healing" classes equip and empower individuals to identify the Wounds, the Bruises and the Lies and embrace the Truth of God's Word  to reclaim the song in their heart.

​Ezra Ministries, is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization working to help survivors of domestic violence

Reclaim the Song in their Heart

Many survivors of domestic violence no longer hear the music, the melodies that  play all around them to bring into harmony the chords of their complicated lives........Joy and Laughter are the songs of the heart that help to bring deliverance.

The Psalmist David, who was skillful in playing the harp would often be summoned to King